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Here is a bit more about Pete, you can follow him on instagram below and scroll down for more info with relevance to his background and Astra.


Peter is a retired accountant from Birmingham.


On the face of it not an obvious candidate to take on a stint as part of the Astra crew! However, he has crossed oceans before,in a 42 ft sailing boat, and knows Astra as he was part of Iain’s crew when they moved Astra from Gibraltar to The Canaries in late 2020.


He is looking forward to the luxury of standing his watch inside, rather outside with the full force of the elements in his face, and Astra’s onboard amenities definitely put her in the luxury category compared to his sailing boat!


He admits that his main shortcoming is that he’s not Scottish! But hopes that as a fellow Celt, albeit from Cornwall, the crew will treat him kindly (particularly as he boarded with gifts of square sausage, haggis and Irn Bru)

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