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Here is a bit more about Carlos, you can follow him on instagram below and scroll down for more info with relevance to his background and Astra.

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Carlos is our Junior Watch Officer (and Bosun) and has been involved with watersports for most of his life. He operated a business in his native Cuba that dealt with kite surfing and surfing, before coming to the Canary Islands 6 years ago.


Carlos has spent several years delivering yachts between the various Canary islands while spending time working in the shipyards/marinas of the Canaries.


In the two years before joining ASTRA, Carlos looked after a 24 m Dutch yacht that was based in Lanzarote and has known ASTRA since she arrived there in Nov 2020. He joined the team of ASTRA in May 2021, just as she entered the

shipyard in Arrecife.


This year has taken him the furthest North he has been and Carlos can often be found under several layers of clothing!

During the course of the trip Carlos had to briefly return to Lanzarote - Where he received his Spanish citizenship!

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