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Here is a bit more about Mikey, you can follow him on instagram below and scroll down for more info with relevance to his background and Astra.


Before Summer 2021, Mikey spent 3 years serving with the British Antarctic Survey. With time in Fishery Protection and with lots of small craft experience with Ferguson Marine on the West Coast of Scotland and Briggs Marine on the East Coast, the journey on Astra plays to his strengths and experience.

Mikey’s large ship/STCW pedigree, coming from his time at Zodiac Maritime Agencies, combined with his time on smaller vessels in harsh environments, made him an ideal candidate for his role on ASTRA (although we hope not to utilise his ice experience!)


Originally from Bonnyrigg (near Edinburgh), Mikey is a keen cook and shoulders most of the responsibility for cooking onboard and will therefore oversee the ordering and utilisation of stores.

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