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17/11/2021 Refit Work Undertaken This Year

To prepare Astra for the challenges of a circumnavigation, 4 separate repair periods were undertaken.

April - July 2021

12 weeks in the Calero Marinas shipyard in Arrecife, Lanzarote.

Steelwork:- Fitting of a 2,000 kg Optima Nozzle by Damen around Astra’s 1.72m CPP

  • Fabrication and fitting of 3 aluminium fashion plates on either side to connect the bulwarks to the Portuguese bridge

  • Fabrication and fitting of an aluminium mast support for the VSAT dome

  • Fabrication and fitting of a structure aft to support 2 x RIBs at an elevation >2.2m above the deck and create a structure that would house 7 x 1,500L special designed IBC Tanks

  • Removal of bow pushing rubber and bring the steel plate flush with the hull

  • Improve large access hatch to engine room (for lifting with crane)

  • Fabrication and fitting of oil storage drum arrangement


  • Mitsubishi main engine at 8,400 hrs, the 6,000 hr service was repeated

  • Volvo Penta (40 kVa) serviced

  • Cummins Onan (15 kVa) serviced (decision made to replace)

  • Assess shaft generator

  • Hydraulics serviced

  • Air compressors serviced and tanks tested

  • Inspection and internal clean of all diesel tanks



  • Install Fleet Broadband

  • Install Inmarsat C

  • Install FURUNO MF/HF SSB Radio

  • Install FURUNO Chart Radar 3220 BB

  • Install C-MAP, MAXSEA Timezero 4 with worldwide charts

  • Install FURUNO Wave Analyser

  • Install Oscar Navigation AI system

  • Install back-up Autopilot SIMRAD AP70

  • Install FURUNO GNSS (GP170)

  • Install FURUNO Satellite Compass (SC-70)

  • Install SILECMAR Engine Monitoring and Fuel Consumption Monitoring system

  • Install PSM Marine remote tank gauging system


  • install large capacity freezer (4 months for 5 crew)

  • Install large capacity dry store space (6-9 months for 5 crew)

  • Install low level night lighting

  • Install combined water chiller/boiler

  • Re-design galley


  • Internal - all engine room bilges cleaned and painted white

  • External - all paintwork completed (Jotun commercial)

August 2021

10 days Vigo, Spain

  • Replace existing(15 kVa) generator with a new larger 23 kVa Cummins Onan generator

ASTRA then departed on 7,000NM of extensive sea trials in the North Atlantic as far north as the Arctic Circle, before returning to Vigo 7 weeks later.

Sep - Oct 2021

5 weeks Vigo

  • 12,000 hr Top end overhaul of main engine

  • Replace existing (25 kVa) shaft generator, with a new larger 50 kVa MecceAlte Shaft Generator

  • Replace existing mechanically controlled hydraulic power take off (PTO) pump from main engine to shaft generator with a new electronically controlled PTO pump

  • Replace 2 x engine room fans

  • Replace sea water plate cooler

  • Service Volvo Penta

  • Main switchboard, upgrade breakers to match the rating of all new equipment and replace all existing breakers

  • Fabricate and install fuel oil overspill pipe arrangement and new elevated diesel vents

Nov 2021

1 week in the Calero Marinas shipyard in Arrecife, Lanzarote.

  • Hull inspection

  • Optima nozzle inspection

  • Anti-fouling below waterline

  • Replace all anodes

  • Fit base structure on fore deck for the carriage of 7 x 1,000L IBC Tanks


  • Install back-up FURUNO GNSS (GP170)

  • Install back-up FURUNO Satellite Compass (SC-70)

  • ECDIS configured for ‘Pay As You Sail’


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